From the Imagination of

C. David Belt:

The Children of Lilith Trilogy

In all the 6,000 years

that the Children of Lilith

have walked among us,

there has never been

an unwilling vampire...

...until now.

Suggested Reading Order
  The Children of Lilith
Volume 1:
The Unwilling
  The Children of Lilith
Volume 2:
2012 Whitney Award Finalist
The Penitent
  The Children of Lilith
Volume 3:
The Prophecy
The Sweet Sister
2018 Whitney Award Finalist
The Arawn Prophecy
The Whole Armor of God
Time's Plague
The Executioner of God
An Enchantress
of Ravens
The Witch
White Lady Hollow
The Witch
and the
Devourer of Souls
  Coming 2024:
The Witch, the Warlock,
and the
Siren of the Damned
  Coming 2024:
by the