The Witch, the Warlock, and the Siren of the Damned by C. David Belt

The Witch, the Warlock,
the Siren of the Damned

Coming 2024


C. David Belt

An ancient siren

plans to annihilate an entire city

with nuclear fire.

Can Tabitha and Josh

prevent the slaughter?

Together, Tabitha and Josh Kilmore--the witch and her warlock--are magnificent. When they are united and Josh channels Tabitha's Power, they can perform marvels. But without warning, they are separated by thousands of miles, and Josh is in grave peril.

The year is 1987, and Josh, now a B-52 copilot in the USAF, has been abducted. Tabitha, his wife and the mother of their three small children, must use all her talents and resources to rescue her husband and bring him home. But Tabitha doesn't know where Josh has been taken or why.

Josh has been thrust unwillingly into a plot that will slaughter hundreds of thousands and endanger billions more. He is isolated from his beloved Tabitha and her Power and surrounded by enemies. Can Josh stop an ancient and legendary sorceress and her army of the Damned from carrying out her horrific plan? Can Tabitha reach him in time?

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Advance praise for The Witch, the Warlock, and the Siren of the Damned:

Are the Russians coming? When C. David Belt adds a B52, loaded with nuclear weapons, to his story, drama runs high. Especially when the B52 disappears with Josh Kilmore aboard. His wife Tabitha sets out with her stepfather, Mike, using unorthodox methods to solve the mystery, not realizing the deadly powers which lie ahead. Will Josh be able to remain true to his wife? Will the B52 and its deadly cargo be found before something somewhere blows up? What villain is behind this dastardly plot? With Dave at the keyboard, you never know how the story will play out.

Read The Witch, the Warlock, and the Siren of the Damned to find out. If you enjoyed Dave's other books you'll certainly love this 5-star reading.

If he keeps writing like this, they'll have to add more stars.

J. F. Harrison, Blackfoot, Idaho

In this last installment of The Witch of White Lady Hollow trilogy, C. David Belt has again delivered a gripping, intense, and mind-bending read. In The Witch, the Warlock, and the Siren of the Damned, we find Josh, now an Air Force pilot, confronted daily with tests of his intelligence, ingenuity, and instincts. Flying B-52's is not for the faint of heart, but Josh is up to the task. He also successfully maintains his high moral standards in the face of ridicule, opportunity, and uncertainty. These experiences have prepared him for the ultimate test of his character, his expertise, and his faith as he is suddenly thrust into an alien and alluring island of temptation and evil masquerading as welcoming and inviting.

Tabitha continues to use the Power to protect her children from danger, strengthen her ties to Josh, and help those around her. Now she is faced with the most dangerous and demanding test of all: to find and rescue Josh; and if she is successful, she will also help to save millions from annihilation.

Magnetism is a predominant theme in this book: magnets of temptation, of iron, and most especially the magnetic Power of love, loyalty, faith, and determination. When conventional magnets fail - fuel gauge, compass, etc. our heroes must rely on the rock-solid foundation of their commitment to each other, to their family, and to their fellow man.

The Witch, the Warlock, and the Siren of the Damned is a compelling, fascinating, and captivating tale. Mature LDS readers will be hooked from the first chapter and drawn into a complex, riveting world of characters from Greek mythology along with modern-day heroes.

Leslie Whatcott, St. George, Utah

This book... had me guessing from the start. Familiar characters we've already fallen for and are invested in, danger at every turn, and a twist at the end. There's another mission to save the earth, even if it means never returning to the ones you love. Belt will keep you guessing till the very end.

Jenny Flake Rabe, sweet romance author

Belt's book kept me on the edge of my seat as he masterfully took us into the journey of a B-52 pilot in the midst of a nuclear crisis. I was found rooting for the heroes of the story and intrigued by all the twists and turns. If you like horror but want a hero that has strong morals, read his book.

Marie Woodward, author of Between Here and Zion